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Are you at risk?

Do you truly understand your firm’s legal obligations concerning

• Wage and hour laws?
• Overtime?
• Meal and rest breaks?
• Sick leave?
• Exempt and non-exempt status?
• Employment agreements and independent contractor agreements?
• Disciplinary actions, including termination?
• Harassment allegations (including sexual harassment)?


Are you making these critical mistakes?

• Misunderstanding employee independent contractor classifications?

• Misclassifying workers as “exempt” vs. “non-exempt” ?
• Incorrectly applying state and federal overtime rules?
• Unknowingly creating rest and meal period violations?
• Misapplying comp time and other time-keeping issues?


Employers set themselves up for lawsuits—even class actions—on a daily basis. And even a “simple” mistake can cost enormous sums of money.



 The best time to talk is when you don’t need a lawyer. 

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3 reasons your business needs
an employment attorney on call:

1. To help you navigate the maze of federal and North Carolina employment law.


2. To avoid costly litigation — by teaching managers and executives how to spot legal pitfalls before they happen.

3. To maximize your productivity and profit.


 An attorney on call can stop problems before they start. 

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Why Choose Me?

1. I represent and advise employers only – not employees.

I’m on your side. I only advise employers in employment law matters. 

As an attorney for employers, my advice is designed to optimize your compliance with the laws and regulations impacting your business — and to reduce the risk of an employee filing a complaint or lawsuit in court. And, in the unfortunate circumstance that a lawsuit is filed, I’ll ensure that your organization is in its most defensible posture.


2. I have over twenty-seven years of successful litigation experience.

 I have fought and won dozens of cases in both state and federal courts, for companies large and small.

For wrongful termination, wage violation, discrimination, harassment – you get a confident, experienced employment law defense attorney on your side.


3. Even more important – I know how to avoid litigation.

 Your best move is staying litigation-free.

I can help protect your company with minimal fuss – and at a price that delivers optimal value.


Let me help you navigate the tangled hodgepodge of employment laws. I’ll ensure you that you’re on track legally, so you can focus on your business. With my real world experience, I’ll help you take simple, inexpensive steps to ensure compliance and avoid lawsuits.



 You should have an attorney who really appreciates your business. 

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Don’t wait until it’s too late.

3 ways I can help.





1. Get a customized, up-to-date Employee Handbook.

     ( this will stop a lot of potential problems — and it’s easy to do! )


Let me help you protect your firm with an Employee Handbook that is

  • Up to date
  • Consistent with North Carolina law
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Customized for your employees and your firm

This quick, inexpensive solution can save you thousands!
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I can create your firm’s customized employee hand book quickly and inexpensively. 
Get in touch to get started.  



2. Handle employee leave — legally.


Employee leave of absence issues can be extremely complex, especially when they overlap.


Your firm must comply with workers compensation laws, the American with Disabilities Act, Family Medical Leave, pregnancy leave, military leave, jury, duty leave, bereavement leave, and more.


The laws that govern leave of absence interact with common workplace policies that govern tardiness, absenteeism, sick pay, vacation and paid time off. If executed improperly, a single decision can create substantial exposure for your business.


I can help you sort out leave problems quickly — and save you some heartache!  

3. Reinforce your firm with maximum protection.


Let’s be honest: even in the best companies, employees may complain about unpleasant interactions. But if you’re smart, you’ll be sure that those complaints never turn into charges of “unlawful harassment.”


Vulnerable areas are everywhere. It’s not just sexual harassment – harassment can occur with any “protected category,” including race, religion, national origin, disability, or age — to name just a few.


And it’s not enough for your written policies to comply with employment law – your staff needs training and awareness to enact your policies in ways that minimize and avoid potential liabilities.


A thorough, and unbiased workplace compliance certification can help you satisfy your legal obligation to prevent and correct unlawful harassment in the workplace — and protect you better, when the time comes.


I am unbiased, trained, skilled, and experienced in conducting compliance certifications, and I can assure you – they are the best way to contain potential liability from complaints of unlawful harassment, discrimination, retaliation, or employee misconduct.

Workplace Compliance Certification is your best defense against litigation.
Let’s discuss how you can protect your firm — and yourself!  


What you should know about me: 

I represent employers exclusively — I’ve done so for over 27 years. I have my own practice and maintain licenses in both North Carolina and Ohio. 


“I specialize in employment and labor law — on keeping my clients out of legal trouble so they can focus on their businesses. 


“My approach is simple: Resolving potential conflict through clear, empathic communication. The result?  Substantial cost savings to my clients. 


“And if conflict is unavoidable, my clients know that I’m a skilled and passionate advocate who has successfully defended businesses of all sizes in federal and state courts as well as administrative agencies, such as the EEOC.


Senior Professional in Human Resources

Society for Human Resource Management


Labor and Employment Law Specialist

Ohio State Bar Association

Civil Trial Advocate
National Board of Trial Advocacy

“Early on, I realized that employers in North Carolina needed simple, practical, step-by-step guidance to keep out of legal trouble — so I began providing customized Employee Handbooks for my clients — the”Morris Handbook“ — a legal handbook used by many North Carolina businesses. 


“I’ve been trained in “social health” — increasing the effectiveness of how we interact with others. This simple, practical approach to resolving conflict through “caring communication” results in real-world results: building healthy, nurturing, and supportive business relations for you and your employees.


“I have an abiding, affection for the land and people of Western North Carolina, deepened through my work with helping employers in Asheville, Weaverville, Fairview, Waynesville, Black Mountain — in fact all across Buncombe and Henderson Counties. I’m committed to supporting my community personally and professionally. 


“So when I’m not busy keeping my clients out of legal trouble, you’ll find me volunteering at homeless shelters, and substance abuse/recovery programs in Asheville and all across Western North Carolina. I’m honored that Pisgah Legal Services and the United Way have recognized me for my volunteer services our community.”

— Michele Morris


Let’s get in touch... 


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via phone or email rather than a web form. 

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